Leaving George at such a young age was made easier by the staff in the baby room who show they genuinely care about him and leaving him smiling knowing he loves being there. I wouldn't choose anywhere else.


Little Foot Pre-school

Your Child will move into this room on their 3rd birthday and will stay to learn, explore and develop up until they are ready to move on to School.  

The Pre-School Co-ordinator is Sarah Whitworth who holds a Level 3 in Early Years. The adult ratio for this age group is 1:8.  

Parents have options regarding how they use Pre-school e.g. Government Funding, or further childcare requirements - further details below.  

The Pre-school Environment

Sarah and the team create a stimulating, fun and supportive environment in which children can learn and develop whilst socialising with their friends. 

Pre-school is just as it says, the time before starting school, so this room also creates lots of opportunities for children to further develop their independence, and the social skills needed to prepare them for school.  Examples include circle time; getting changed for P.E.

Extra curricular activities are also on offer, such as Dance and French classes - additional charges apply for these sessions.

Transition to School
We believe in supporting the transition to school as much as we can, so when school places are confirmed, we contact the feeder schools, inviting them to visit their prospective pupils here in the familiar environment of Little Foot.  

In addition to this, the teachers are invited to attend our graduation ceremony which provides the final link between the end of Pre-school and the start of school.

In 2012, children from Little Foot fed into 10 different schools in Calderdale!

Pre-school Care Options

These are as follows:

1) Government funding (15 hours per week) :  Government funded places totalling 15 hours a week, during term-time - click here to view term-time dates.

2) Wider Childcare Requirements : use Government funding towards additional care during term-time only, or over the whole year.  Click here for further details.