'Jace likes Nursery' He really enjoys his time at Nursery and is always looking forward to coming every week. He has made lots of new friends and has made special bonds with the staff too. Little Foot is home from home.


Jelly Babies

This room is for babies from Birth to their 2nd Birthday. The adult ratio in this room is 1:3.

The team leader of Jelly Babies is Shirley Waterworth who holds a Level 3 in Early Years.

Shirley and her team are here to provide you with the peace of mind that  your baby  will spend their day in a loving, caring environment in which they will grow and flourish as they develop. The Jelly Babies area is a bright and airy space especially resourced to support and encourage your baby's growing curiosity.

"Jelly Tots is a fun-filled, loving room, with a great team of loving, caring staff"

More about the room itself
The room is split into areas so the children can enjoy a wide range of activities and spend time exploring and investigating alongside staff members and the other children.

We have many areas within Jelly Babies that give children lots of opportunities to learn and develop and have a fun-filled day.  Some of the most popular areas are:

Home Corner : the children like to use real vegetables and pasta to put in the pots and pans.

Creative, Sand & Water Areas : the children like to explore and discover using different equipment and tools; and using their hands and feet to explore different textures.  Various materials are used to support the discovery of textures such as cornflour, shaving foam and jelly - they love it!

Music Area : all children enjoy the variety and fun of the music area.  They love to try out the instruments and delight in their different sounds.

Cosy Corner : when the children feel like a bit of quiet time they head for the Cosy area.  They can sit back, rest, look at books or explore the different sensory baskets.

In addition to the room facilities, everyday we introduce a variety of different toys and equipment so the children can enjoy physical play, rolling balls and building towers.

Jelly Babies is decorated with the children's creative work and photos of their activities - this is the Mummies and Daddies favourite bit!