We transferred from another Nursery and we were all very apprehensive as he was settled. In the few short months he has been there he has been at his happiest, learning more and more each day


Little Foot Day Nursery

Welcome to Little Foot Day Nursery’s official web site.

The aim here at Little Foot Day Nursery is to provide the most flexible, high quality childcare in an environment that is homely, friendly and professional.

We make a promise to all the parents, who choose to use Little Foot, for their childcare needs:

  • To care and look after your children
  • As a team we will provide a happy, safe, secure and stimulating environment where your children will feel loved and cared for
  • We will give them all a sense of belonging and the freedom for their confidence and self-esteem to grow

Think of us as your secure bank vault looking after your family jewels!  

Every new child who steps into Little Foot is treated as an individual.  We support and encourage their development at every stage and enjoy watching and recording them grow from cuddly babies into inquisitive school children.  We feel very proud to have been involved.

We love to meet new families and share with them our passion for excellent childcare and development, so come along and have a look around and meet the team.

I really look forward to meeting you!

Owner / Manager

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